Citizens Rise

We can take over the initiative process from the inside by simply living as co owners of one of the most free nations on the planet with the citizens initiative process. We may have corruption, but not if we stop it! This is a call to action. We emplor you to make promotion of the permanent ballot access and direct signature colleciton in your community a way of life, a thought, an action, a habit and a destiny of yours. We can save this nation, it take your willingness to get involved. Don't wait for others. We are the leaders of the new world. 

Tell everyone you know. Make invitation letters. Ask people to join Activism Truth. Find just three people a week, who also will help find three more people a week, in thirteen weeks we would have over a million people involved, and one million people could put any initiative in any state on the ballot if they all where eligible voters! We can get to where we need to be in no time. All we need is a critical mass. Duplicating the process that we went through when we found out about the solution ourselves, we can wake up new minds, open new doors, find new possibilities, meet new individuals and help ourselves together along the way.

Knowledge is power. When people know about the ballot initiative process and they understand the Activism Truth plan, to tell people the Truth about Activism and to join the coalition. We can be a FREE PEOPLE! We can free the world, but it starts here in the U.S.A. Our government belongs to the people and we need to sign ballot proposition petitions to ensure a better future is possible! We need to vote on our petitions and change laws! 

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