Local Economy

The economy is in a downward spiral due to the debt based nature of it's existence. Contrary to popular understanding, economies can and in fact have thrived when based on non inflationary gold and sliver, not on paper FIAT money that can be manipulated, illegally by corrupt governments paying "debt" which is really royalties to the world's banking elites. Today, we also have new digital currencies that can provide more stable economic securities that paper money. The best solution however, is to keep the economy local, to shop from brick and mortar, mom and pop businesses. Activism Truth seeks to build a national database of local directories for each state and in each city and town, so people can find local businesses for all the products they need. 

There are a few pieces of legislation that can benefit us greatly right now. Our cities are being drained of resources and the solutions below offer comfort to the politically awakened masses. We need people to rise up and participate in critical mass actions for our communities. 

To see our summary of our local economy concept check out our future project the Economic Renaissance Program.

The idea is to have local directories point people towards the locally owned businesses they can shop from to get all the things they need. Rather than have people feel limited because they don't know of all the small businesses where they can get their stuff, we seek to create a permanent free database for the businesses who are unique locally owned. 

We would like all small business owners to contact us about being in our permanent free directory. Premier advertising options are available as well, funding will help us expand our operation. 

The solution of creating the local business directories is a sure way to enable a stronger local economy. This is Activism Truths way of showing we are here to partner with local businesses and individuals who offer unique products and services and who are engaged in the community. 




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