"We the People" are only as strong as we are close. We need to get to know our neighbors and the people in our city, in order to learn how to associate with them while delivering to them the most important citizens initiatives you can get your hands on. Liberty Economy LLC and the Representative Initiatives Super P.A.C. will be contracting independent entrepreneurs to learn how the art of successful fundraising and organizing. We will provide the direct contracting for the work. When you get into it, canvassing is one of the toughest jobs, the most fun and the most rewarding.

Are you looking for some extra income?
Can you walk, talk and hold a clipboard?
Join us to be part of a neighborhood and community integration project that will give you a sense of empowerment as you make a difference with each person you meet. We are hiring Door to Door (D2D) Canvassers. (more info coming soon)

We are going to train professional door to door and phone canvass staff. Our Door to Door Canvassers will be called "the Citizenry." We will offer further advancement so canvassers can become Canvassing Crew Managers who will have several Citizenry working for them, who collect signatures full time for a living wage based on funding that comes from the door to door canvassing. (coming soon)

We are coordinating efforts to create leaders in every state, to organize and duplicate our expansion continuously, until we have complete permanent ballot access.

We will provide all training and if you are interested in truly seeing some positive changes take place in your community, then join our team and help recruit others who are looking for work and motivated to learn the craft of canvassing neighborhoods. YOU can be one of the first to help inspire others in your area about the ballot initiative process. Join our team and learn how you can earn additional income by working in the field of professional ballot access canvassing.