Social Networking

Social Networking is the cement that will hold together the democracy of the digital age. We are looking for artists and writters to start working with us. Everyone else can also help by promoting the artists and writters. We allready have a great amount of blogs to start showing our intention of creating support behind specific initaitives that are the legislative solutions to problems facing our nation. Soon, we should have a enough people in every state to provide news about ballot access solutions in their state every day. There is so much content on what to write about but we need to find the people who can do it. Join us in finding the artists and writers, help us help them to recruit more members for your states ballot initiatives. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pintrist and other sites will be the outreach tools we use to build our critical mass for Permanent Ballot Access. 

Social networking is how people who use the internet regularly can very conveniently and effortlessly post a few quick links to our website and a message relevant to our mission. Through your active participation in spreading the message of the ballot initiative process, more and more people will become aware that the solutions are here, right now. Our strength in numbers will grow and we can make a far greater impact State by State in no time at all.

We only need about 1% of the voters of each sovereign locality and state to create permanent ballot access. Less than 1% can achieve this as well. A small fraction can be represented on our website and we can achieve our goals, as long as our members have their own networks of local followers on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pintrist and so on. Our members can create the permanent ballot access network, decentralized yet effectively able to get local signatures from local followers upon the launch of a petition drive. 

We are building a team of motivated activists that can help volunteer just a few hours a week, who will become the Ballot Access Coordinators of the future. Rather than collect signatures in the streets, we will use social networks to spread the word and get supporters to acquire signatures from family and friends thereby eliminating the cost of signature gathering. When donations come in, we can pay our Ballot Access Coordinators who got the job done and spread the word the fastest. Our members who are active can have the benefit of earning money for collecting signatures. Online networking is how most of the signatures will be collected. Today, signatures mostly have to be collected on paper, however, we are building towards having online e-signature tools built into our website. The e-signature tools are to be linked with our ballot propositions so anyone online in the towns, cities and states where they are relevant, can sign online from the comfort of a desktop or handheld devise. Training will be provided so contact us today to get involved!