Forum Usage

The forum is designed to let people

create a functional quorum e-democracy. 


Each member joins Activism Truth and is directed to their profile page.

The profile page offers personal membership usage links including the forum. 

When a member entrees the forum, they find several categories to read member submitted content, post their own content, vote on issues, add connections with like minded members and get involved in the issues they care about. 

First, it is recommended that you review the rules tab from the top of the forum menu, just to read through the basic limitations and guidelines all members follow, to remain active participants in our program. .

Activism Truth is a politically motivated website which attracts lot's of would be spammers and trolls. Our $1 pay-wall sufficiently keeps out trash that moderators would otherwise have to eliminate to ensure we reach our like minded goals. 

Making Connections

Once you begin using the forum, you should first go to the "Welcome/Introductions" link. Here you should post about who you are, what you do, what your concerns are, and idea you have for solutions. Look through other members submissions and see if there are people you would like to network with to support the same initiatives. We recommend that you start making networks right away. Everyday you use our forum you should make new connections, after all, that's how we are going to be successful. 

The point of adding connections is so that you can stay in contact with people of like interest, and get to know everyone better. The more you know people, the more social media networks you can connect with them on. The more social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pintrist etc., the more tight knit our Ballot Access Network will become. 

Private messages can be shared with other members, conversations ensue and a tight community for ballot proposals  can be developed. Using contact services provided by Facetime, Skype, Goolge+, e-mail, our cell phones and others, we can make more intimate community for true grassroots activism function best.

When an action for a ballot proposition comes about, everyone can help everyone else know. There will be a time, as with every upcoming election, when the race to get petition signatures begins and we will need you sign them or get involved in some other way, as soon as possible before the deadline. When a petition of interest to you and people in your network is available, everyone interconnected will post the link to information provided on the Activism Truth website. We must ensure more sharing of our message by our members to enabling the viral cross marketing of solutions together. 

Our community isn't about what Activism Truth as an cooperative organization can do, we are about what you can do with our help. Activism Truth will not be able to directly solve the problems in government, only you can do that. We are simply facilitators to streamline the process of getting propositions on the ballot, pushing genuine legislation to our representatives, and replacing ineffective representatives with ones that will ensure a difference in government by the people is enabled. In the end, our work will require your votes, your signatures, your letter writing, your phone calls, and your donations to make the solutions work. 

Working in the Forum

In the forum you will find several different areas to get involved and the types of forum categies can be expanded upon member's request. 

  • When a member posts something that you think is most relevant to your and issue, click on the button that says "Thank You" next to their post if you feel like their action is genuine and presented appropriately in a way that helps. 
  • When a member posts a message linking two or more points together, when the write in a way which very well describes arguments in favor or against the issue at hand, give them a click on the button that says "Karma/+". If the person posts in a way that is a distraction, one that is not helpful, or one that possibly violates forum rules, click where it says "Karma/-"
  • If you have more information on the subject at hand, click "Quick Reply" 
  • "Reply" is for when you wish to make an in depth analysis in support of, or to offer rebuttals against, facts presented. This way members can review posts in relevance of at different levels of inspection and participation by other members. 
  • "Quote" is for adding commentary directly related to particular point made in a post, rather than in reference to all posts in a thread. This way, discussions can be systematically debated in a sophisticated way, allowing track keeping and communication to to as detailed as possible. When clicking "Quote" the particular post you are responding too is first placed in italics above where you can enter your response. This is a time saving feature for aiding the debate and discussion process. 
  • "Reply Topic" is for adding new separate topics to the top of the category topics lists. This way, new topics are not buried in threads on slightly different subjects. "Reply Topics" can be used to make arguments against topics as well as long as they follow rules and they must present equal or higher quality references to support them. 
  • "Unsubscribe" is to allow you to stop receiving updates about a forum thread. Whenever you make any posts, you are automatically subscribed to allow for continued conversation. 
  • "Favorite" adds forum threads to your favorite list that can be found in your profile for quick reference. 

Now that you know about the details of how the forum windows operate. Get involved!