Ignorance of Problems

The government is manipulating the public in five distinct ways and each method interconnects to serve the other control mechanisms. Most people do not know of the 5 major control systems and the many associated problems associated with them. People need to wake up to the problems, your job is to promote the truth and encourage people to get involved. The problems facing as call for urgent action. Do not hesitate, educate others, motivate yourself and activate solutions now! We need to be aware of the depth of these problems to ensure we are ready to embrace the solutions.

Our nation is under siege by the international banking cartel and they use the following five methods to control us for their desire of money and power.

  1. Propaganda
  2. Excessive Militarism
  3. Kangaroo courts
  4. Environmental and Health Issues
  5. Economic Manipulation

Despite all these problems there are solutions. We are not helpless victims, we are empowered with the citizen's ballot proposal process. Join the solution here at Activism Truth!

Many independent media outlets are available to learn about the problems that affect us. All you have to do is look deeper into the issue you care about. Learn to decifer if the sources promoting information about your concerns are financed by special interests. Follow the money and support those who write and produce information free from financial interess like Activism Truth. We support small business, not mega corporations. We support local grassroots representatives, not political elites. We are building a democraticly run project for national grassroots activism to take place on the local levels. If and when our members seek to reform our project to more effectively promote our intended mission, we are accepting all peoples input participation. Where else are the solutions and strategies that can trully engage you to save our nation available? Activims Truth is the first omnibus ballot proposition strategy system in our nations history. When we are successful, and we will be, we can expand and offer the same types of solutions and strategies to nations worldwide to promote global solutions built upon constitutional local soverignty. 

Now that you know about the problems
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