Corrupt Petition Industry

We can maximize the potential of the ballot proposition process by participating in the signature collection process ourselves. When enough people simply participate in using ballot process, rather than giving up to the daunting task of having a group you support collecting a massive amount of signatures, we can all help collect just a little ourselves and get the job done by our strength in numbers. A petition industry exists that serves as a gate keeper from true citizen participation and when petition proponents support the big industry leaders, they dismiss the opportunity to organize the grassroots behind their cuase which causes more harm that good. The petition industry assists some grassroots causes, but for a heafty fee, and this keeps grassroots revolution from happening. 

The petition industry realises that if they were to work to mobilise the grassroots, they would soon be out of a job. Financial interests encourage money hungry petition managers to put corrupt proposals on the ballot and this disenfranchises voters. Misleading ballot proposition campaigns create just as many problems in government as the government creates for us.

The ballot proposision process needs to be managed by the people. Everyone has a stake in it, so rather than let it be controlled by others, we need to take control, get behind causes we support, promote them and collect signatures as a part of our lifestyle. A better future awaits us when we take charge to run the ballot process ourselves. Motivated activist minded people should help one or more local and state causes at least a few hours once a week on a consistant basis. This way, when enough activists are up to a status as weekly participants in volunteer causes, we can bypass the need for an "industry" and realy on a true citizenry to get the job done. This citizenry should be praised by members in the community and promoted for their virtue. Upon a need for rush results, contributions should be directed to the volunteers to pay them to continue work, or to help train and find paid signature collectors to pick where they have to return to their own lives. 

I encourage people to approach the work ahead with confidence. We don't really need that many people to get issues on the ballot, we just need a small group of dedicated petitioners who will coordinate efforts in their local areas, strengthening the cause for peoples ballot access.

Being a public petitioner is a meaningful job as long as the petitions are good for your community. Strong public support behind good citizens initiatives is very important, with just a few people committed to collecting a few signatures at the market, at the park, the library or at colleges and universities, can change the lives of all the citizen's of the state for the better.

If there was permanent ballot access and enough people were connected with the Activism Truth resource for education and promotion of the circulation of those initiatives, we could put any and all initiatives we want on the ballot more easily and end all corruption in government.

When the people of our country organize for ballot access ourselves, there would not be a concern about corrupt government, for we would already have them in check. We need to start a citizen's direct democracy movement so people can vote on constitutional initiatives that would bypass the corrupt legislature. Activism Truth is working to empower people to use the ballot initiative process to our full ability, and we can clearly see that a whole new world is possible when people participate in the powers of enlightened self-governance.

We would not have to be concerned that initiatives are circulating that could trick voters if we simply had laws passed to protect the process and create more integrity for it. Just like laws that would regulalte politicians, we can not rely on politicians to become self regulating. They will vote for more pay, but the majority will not vote to ban lobbyist contributions. This is why we need to do this ourselves, or support those who can do it for us, financially and otherwise. Prior to having a critical mass large enought to qualify initiatives, we will have to hire full time petitioners. This is why Activism Truth is recruiting people now and organizing to build a team in every city and state that can accomplish our goals. 

A corrupt petition industry exists that takes special interest money and pushes misleading campaigns to trick the people into voting for bad law changes. A grassroots citizen ballot access network would replace this industry and we can reform the process to ensure only citizens initiatives can get to the ballot.