Ignorance of Solutions

Main stream media and public education propaganda is sold out to special interests who desire to keep the masses ignorant. The elites biggest threat, is a nation of educated thinkers! Even though many people know about solutions we need. Many do not, and it is up to us to spread positive news. Solutions are available and Activism Truth has strategies to accomplish them!

The corrupt corporate and special interests each have their own way of taking advantage of the public. Utilizing media propaganda and the consolidation of media outlets, directives from the top trickle down to only a handful of broadcast stations, giving citizens the information they deem necessary to further their agendas. Fear based propaganda is utilized to to convince people to act in favor of what benefits the elites. They show you what they want you to see and they sensor what they don't want you to see. Headlines are misleading, often two sides of issues are portrayed to give the illusion of balanced reporting, when really, the deciders who run the media filter information they don't what you to know. 

This is all the more reason to find alternative news sources online that do not take money from corporate sponsors. There are so many solutions to problems in our world and Activism Truth seeks to collect and promote them. We encourage our members to post them in our forums and upon member votes, solutions will be aggregated to higher levels of public promotion, into blogs that fit under their correlating initiative articles. 

In some cases, initiatives for solutions do not exist yet. Activism Truth will build our Initiative Article regardless and with evidence of solutions, we can encourage our members to organize around them and eventually find support for the creation of legislation for all the important causes. 

We seek to be a solutions hub. As it is evident from our initiative archives, along with promoting fact based research about the problems affecting society, we direct people to the solutions. The legislation is available, the organizing tools are available, all we need now is strength in numbers. When enough people join Activism Truth's newsletter and are networked with leading members on each issue, in each state, we will have a strong enough network of activists and activism supporters that can people will be able to qualify any and all ballot propositions effortlessly. 

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