Corrupt Government

Government in the U.S.A. is corrupt from the local level to the national level. Politicians on both sides of the isle are taking corporate money. They campaign as if they are working to help the people, but with all the campaign money from corporate donors, when they get in office, they end up helping their financiers instead of the people. The role of government should be to watch the people's interests and stop corruption among their colleges. Because there is little action to stop government corruption from our government leaders, we have to hold nearly all of them responsible as accomplishes. Who in government is seeking to stop the root cause of problems? Most are mearly focusing on temporary solutions for minor problems, ignoring the underlying cuases of them all. 

Lobbyists representing mega-corporations pay for political campaigns and they buy the propaganda that confuses and convinces both sides of the left\right paradigm. Corporate speech is protected just like an individuals under the first amendment, but when it comes to committing crimes, they have special leverage as non-persons, to not be liable for their crimes. Our legislators, in both parties are inherently corrupt because of these lobbyists bribes, that they call contributions. The way corporate lobbyists pay off politicians to get what they want is abhorrent to our inherent rights as citizens. Unless We the People can move beyond political parties, and simply work to secure our rights as individuals over the rights of government, our destiny as a county becomes more and more oppressive, wealth becomes more consolidated, and opportunities become limited.

Rather than hoping to replace these corrupt politicians when their term is over we have the right to do it now through the recall process. Every politician that serves corporate interests over public needs deserves to be released from their positions without pensions and benefits, they should earn their pay, we must reverse the roles of power. Politicians are supposed to be servants of the people, but instead they are serving themselves. Fundamental changes must take place, starting with holding politicians accountable to the people.

Judges, police and politicians who serve the mega-corporations' agendas should be served harsh penalties for violating their oaths to office. There should be no immunity for criminals just because they have money and positions of power. When our government does a good job, only then should they be rewarded and there should be public say in it. 

A total recall and initiative network is the only way to comprehensively address these issues, because we cannot leave the regulating up to those that need to be regulated. We must rise up, organize, register new voters and have the intention of peoples unified permanent ballot access.

The third party movements formed in opposition to the corrupt two party system tend to divide and conquer what would otherwise be a unified populous movement of the people against the corporate control of government. There are many issues we disagree on, but when we focus on the issues we all can agree on, we can have a new third party that will be strong enough to dismantle the corporate state. It is fine to have different opinions on some things, but liberty and freedom are inherent desires of ALL people, and we should focus our efforts on larger unified goals to save America. When third parties define divisive platforms, they ensure that voting for them becomes almost futile because they are not working under the platform of the majority. Unless a fair rank choice voting system is implemented, the third parties divide the vote, they do not work alongside one another for common interests under what would be most sensible as the independent party, and they keep their supporters side tracked from real solutions We the People can institute ourselves.

A political parties candidates can be put on the ballot when their party meets the requirement set forth by their state government by having a minimum percent of the voting population registered under their party. That same amount of people that qualify a political party, is close to the 5% needed to empower citizens to take back their state rights themselves with ballot propositions. Rather than hoping a leader is going to save the world, We the People can act on initiatives that will have direct results! The truth is painful but it is the knowledge you need to empower yourself. Rather than simply joining a party, and indoctrinating yourself to the collective ideologies of that party, you can be brought to the awareness that we already have the power to put issue specific legislation on the ballot for the popular vote to implement.

Although ballot initiatives can solve problems in many states not everyone is ready to participate in a direct democracy system some people would rather leave decisions up to their elected representatives. As a segue to a direct democracy culture a candidate can run for office as a direct democracy candidate who is aligned with a third party such as the green, liberal or independent parties, but they can use referendum and polling to see what their constituents feel are the most important matters to them. Online voting tools will be implemented here on the Activism Truth website and will be used to allow voters to democratically decide on the top issues that they want to see resolved. Activism Truth seeks to network and organize across the US to implement direct democracy solutions that work for the common interest in securing the constitution and stopping all corruption in government. We the People, are the 4th system of checks and balances. Permanent Ballot Access is the solution.