What We Do

We are online and active in our communities, talking about problems that face society, and sharing the unified solution, to create "permanent ballot access." We are building a Ballot Access Network; a league of concerned citizens that can qualify multiple ballot proposals for the ballot, to let the voters decide, rather than wait for politicians, effortlessly.

We are working to change the paradigm of governance, to empower people to participate in their community by organizing others and collecting signatures on important citizen ballot propositions. We are working to create a critical mass of citizens, networking online and in our communities, that can more effortlessly achieve ballot access for grassroots Initiatives, Referenda, Recalls, Nominations and Citizen Grand Juries.

  • We are building a database of news and information related to the problems that affect our country and we offer group building tools for activists to get involved in creating direct solutions using the ballot proposition process.
  • We are building a Quorum-E-Democracy system with the option to have a rank choice voting feature, which will allow people to review information in favor and against issues of concern, to vote where they show their support, and to organize members priorities so that the strongest goals float to the top of our priorities lists.
  • We organize volunteers to promote our projects and build teams across the country to organize communities for local ballot access themselves.
  • We recruit door to door fundraisers for our campaigns, so that we can provide jobs to activist minded people nationwide.
  • We have the ability to showcase a local business directory to help the local economy from each small town to each large city across the nation.
  • We have the ability to create a fundraising system backed by local businesses, to fund local activism projects and non-profit organizations people care about in your community.
  • We are developing a candidate training system to recruit the next generation of anti-corruption candidates to challenge the politicians financed by special interests.
  • We build coalitions between multiple political action groups so as to have the greatest impact in creating true and lasting change.
  • We are creating the nations first democratically operated citizens Super-PAC to fundraise and finance local grassroots candidates, recalls, initiatives, referenda and citizen grand jury petitions

We can wake people up to some of the problematic causes affecting our society and take action for securing a better future together! You can make a job out of this, or you can simply volunteer your time to organize your friends and family. Any new members you refer to the Online Community of ActivismTruth.com will help us reach our goals for Permanent Ballot Access.

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