E-Democracy Candidates

E-Democracy candidates are representatives who run for office on the platform of representing the will of the people. In order to truly represent the people in an intelligent way, a "Quorum E-Democracy" system will be established where policy ideas can be vetted by individuals featuring experts in congruent topics of policy, so that the truth can rise, misconceptions can be dispelled and the people can come to conclusions directed towards achieving greater consensus than ever before.

An E-Democracy candidate would represent not strict ideologies directly, but rather, the variable concerns of the citizens in their districts. E-Democracy platforms will allow people to review information related to policy and vote for what their top concerns are. This platform which integrates technology is the only way we can shift our political consciousness, to realize, true representation is possible, and to ensure our politicians have a method of understanding their constituency in a manner that is conducive to progressive direct democracy principles and true Republican theory of government. Unlike anything before, we are working to change the paradigm of governance and E-Democracy candidates can do this. In Arizona, the first E-democracy political party has been filed, it is called the "Representative" Party. More on this subject will be explored in the future. 

Our E-Democracy candidates will be trained in political sciences and the constitution. They will be qualified by voter registration drives where we will find volunteers and hire professional paid staff to do "get out the vote" work, talking with people door to door and in the streets, getting them to update their voter cards for the new political party of the future. We will actively seek to get national party recognition and upon launching a national campaign. We will first provide the proof of concept for the "Quorum E Democracy" platform in our Community Members area of the Activism Truth website. From there, our participating members will decide on a new basic platform and condition for direct democracy governance and we will find the top policies our campaign will begin representing. We are certain we will harmonize the ideologies of the Libertarians on the right, the Greens on the left and the Independents in the center.

E-Democracy candidates will not take campaign contributions from special interests and corporations with agendas. There will be a balance between representing constitutional values of limited government to protect civil liberties, with environmental justice and regulation over mega corporations to ensure a balanced economy that can grow in respect to the needs our planet has right now in this age of corruption and greed. We will use E-democracy software integrated into Activism Truth to have our members vote between all the top third party candidates and to chose the best ones we can stand behind to topple the two party stranglehold. 

The technology will allow real representation to be found by utilizing a type of ranked choice voting system. Rather than simple majority wins systems, ranked choice voting shows all proportionate representation from all participants. This type of political platform is the future of governance because it allows people to have access to information to change their viewpoints when necessary, due to the influence of corporate propaganda and misconceptions in logic and constitutional balance of powers.  

By using online quorums, candidates will always know what the true will of their constituency is. They should never go into politics blind with ideologies that can be manipulated by the fake liberal or fake conservative wings of government who plot to prey on our altruistic goals only to create more problems for the people and more wealth for the financial institutions and corrupt lawyers. We don't need them anymore, we need our own representation. Let the people use the ballot or we will send in our candidates to take over D.C. from the inside out. We can use E-democracy tools to accomplish an educated and civil societies goals. 

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