Door to Door Fundraising

We hire Door to Door Fundraisers anywhere in the USA. We provide training and canvassing tools to ensure anyone can begin as an independent contractor for our organization today. As a fundraiser, you can earn a great living wage working full time making a difference in your communities. The more you fundraise the more you earn.

You can apply for the work by sending a request for an interview and upon acceptance we will begin your training program. After training, a short test is required and within 48 hours from applying, you can begin work the next day.

Work hours are from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm - 6 hours of work will pay $60 - $100+ per day depending on your fundraising ability over a weeks time.

Become a member and contact us today for details if you are looking for full time work. The people who join our full time door to door canvassing opperations will be the recognized as the patriots of the 21st century and the ones who can save our country.

There are many benefits to being a paid canvasser, inquire today!