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Stop Water Fluoridation

There is poison in the Tap WaterWe have to accept the fact that Fluoride is a Neurotoxin and there are safer ways to clean our teeth. We should not be ingesting this chemical and it should not be absorbed in our skin when we clean ourselves. Fluoride should be banned for the following reasons.

  • Bio-accumulation in the body
  • Neurotoxic effects
  • Destruction of the Pineal Gland

flouride384Yet if it's added to our water supply so that industrial waste companies can profit by selling it to local municipalities, rather than have to pay to have it safely disposed of.

Fluoride affects the pineal gland, hinders memory and causes a variety of health problems. It's affect on dulling the mind was known about in Nazi Germany and that is why they added it to the concentration camp water to stop resistance to their slave labor camps. It is a prime ingredient in ADHD medication and rat poison. Help us get it out of our water supply.

Activism Truth is dedicated to finding model legislation that can help stop corruption in government and toxins in our water supply and environment. The Fluoride added to town water is chemical plant toxic waste that is not natural and harmless like the fluoride in limestone.
The American Dental Association is a corrupt institution that profits more based on the more cavities you get. Our whole medical system is flawed and the added Fluoride actually causes brain damage to your pineal gland and is carcinogenic.
Here are some great resources on the subject.

“[T]he political pro-fluoridation stance has evolved into a dogmatic, authoritarian, essentially anti-scientific posture, one that discourages open debate of scientific issues.” - Dr. Edward Groth, Senior Scientist, Consumers Union, 1991.

“Journal editors often have refused for political reasons to publish information that raises questions about fluoridation.” - Chemical & Engineering News, August 1, 1988.

“We are left with compelling evidence that powerful interests with high financial stakes have colluded to prematurely close honest discussion and investigation into fluoride toxicity.” - Dr. Sheldon Krimsky, Tufts University, August 16, 2004.

“The Public Health Service, unfortunately, has locked itself into a position where it has made this statement on the record that there is absolutely no hazard to fluoridating public water supplies and the matter is closed. Now, that, of course, is immediately an unscientific approach.” - Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate, 1971.

Here is a bill to Ban Water Fluoridation. If you want to see this on your ballot so people can vote on stopping fluoride directly, link up with Activism Truth. We will help put together an action plan for you in your state.

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An initiatives must be implemented in every city with Fluoridation. It is a shame that we can let poison be put in the tap water and to many, they are helpless to avoid it's damaging long term effects. Educate people about the issue and the solution. Help support a local initiative in your state or run for office to put it in the house floor. Activism Truth is open to all solutions. Join us our Forum. Offer your suggestions. What can you bring to the organization to help put this initiative forward?

There are many proofs of reasons why we should ban fluoride from our water in our blogs below!

There are many reasons why we need to Ban Fluoride from the water. We will outline the following reasons with descriptive blogs submitted by members.

  • Fluoride Lowers IQ
  • Fluoride Damages "Spiritual" Center of the Brain
  • Fluoride used in Concentration Camps
  • Fluoride used in ADHD Medication
  • Fluoride used in Rat Poison
  • Fluoride listed as Toxic Waste by EPA
  • Adding Fluoride is a Waste of Taxes
  • The Fallacy of Dental Use of Fluoride
  • Natural Fluoride vs. Industrial Waste

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