Citizen Grand Jury

citizen grand juryReplace the Judge with a pannel of diverse citizens. Only with the Citizen Grand Jury (CGJ) process can citizens ensure a proper checks and balances on a judicial system that is blind to justice. The CGJ is currently only available in Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota and Oklahoma.

  • Take corrupt Law Enforcement to court
  • Take corrupt Political Leaders to court
  • Take corrupt Corporations to court



Initiative to Create
Citizen Grand Jury

This initiative would open up the rights for binding citizen grand jury's.

Any state with the initiative process can implement this proposal and open the frontier of citizen checks and balances against crimes of the judicial system, the government, or major corporations, when the current judicial system is not ensuring the justice we need.

Activism Truth is about empowering you to help bring this initiative to your state.

We have one piece of legislation to create a Citizen Grand Jury.

The citizen grand jury process can be implemented for the following reasons that will be discussed in blogs in the near future:

  • Police Brutality
  • Judges Corruption
  • Violation of Constitutional Rights
  • Violations of Political Checks and Balances
  • Election Fraud
  • Political Bribery
  • Geo-Engineering
  • Water Flouridation
  • Forced Medication
  • Nuclear Waste
  • CPS
  • Smart Meters
  • Cell Phone Towers

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