Ban Fracking

Fracking100Fracking is a dangerous environmental hazard created by the Energy Monopolies. The EPA doesn't even know what chemicles they put into the groundwater. Fresh water supplies are being destroyed and better alternatives are available.

  • Protect our Water and Land
  • Stop Subsidizing Dirty Energy
  • Encourage Safe and Clean Alternatives

fracking384The process of extracting natural gas from the earth uses chemicals that are so deadly, they use legal loopholes to restrict the transparency of their processes. Carcinogens are pumped into the water and this process destroys or limited fresh water reserves.

Ban Fracking Initiatives

We currently have one piece of legislation to Ban Fracking.

Water is already scarce, we can't let it be privatized for polluters to dump their waste in it and for them to then market the little remaining water back to us for consumption. We are severely attacked by the "green washing" propaganda of the "clean" natural gas industry. We NEED to preempt their ability to preempt us and ban fracking nationwide! We need to make our OWN laws to prevent them from making bad ones, and kick the politicians who work for them out of office at the same time. That's why you must be a member of our critical mass action plan for state wide citizen ballot initiatives and to put pressure on politicians to have a spine and abandon the corporatization of our natural resources.

  • You can implement initiatives in your state with limited editing of the current text for the legislation we have found from Michigan.

  • Activism Truth is about empowering you to help bring this initiative to your state.

There are many reasons why we need to ban Fracking.

  • Destruction of Ground Water
  • Abundant Safe Alternatives
  • Stop Fracking Subsidies in your State.

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  • What the Frack?

    What the Frack?

    Author Nicolas Guillermo

    The big government good old boys and lobbyists aren't so happy with the rapidly growing fracking resistance movement. It's very telling of the level of corruption in our government when you find out how the fracking process uses chemicals that are deadly and carcinogenic, yet, it's byproduct, natural gas, is considered a "green" energy source.

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