Who We Are

We are an organization of individuals working to empower the citizens of the United States with knowledge about the biggest problems facing society along with offring a ominibu solution for them all: strong networking online and directly to build a critical mass for permanent ballot access,

Important matters affecting the U.S.A. cannot be left up to politicians who are sold out to special interests. We must take these matters into our own hands with legitimate oppotunities available to us. Every state in the country has some form of ballot access rights, from the most basic nomination power, to put candidates on the ballot who will stand behind the constitution and the people, to stronger direct democracy rights such as initiative, referendum, recall and citizen grand jury. We have the power to create and circulate legal petitions, to collect signatures for causes we support, to put our solutions on the ballot for the  people to decide. Activism Truth members and followers are the new Citizenry here to Save the Republic with constitutional Direct Democracy tools. We can make direct votes to change laws, replace politicians and heal our nation to heal the world. Join this evolution of society that Activism Truth promotes. We have online and offline dynamic citizen engagement  strategies that will be sure to shift public awareness towards embracing a new paradigm where their direct engagement will be powerful enough to solve problems. Rather than leave everything up to a vote for a representative, we will direct actions that empower more direct democracy so people can participate in the process of empower other citizens, and voting for direct legislation we have collected that can end corruption in government.

Unlike movements in the past, our new plan is to build coalitions between groups with diverse goals and ambitions, to harmonize with one another for a "critical mass" to achieve permanent ballot access. We are transpartisan, focusing on issue specific goals, to let the voters decide.

We are citizens united for Initiative, Referendum, Recall, Nomination and Citizen Grand Jury to stop corruption in government. We are also creating a dynamic grassroots outreach system to assist states without citizen proposition processes to ensure the people can effectively get the message out to people in their state with Critical Mass Actions. We need solidarity with others in the 24 States that do have Statewide constitutional amendment initiative rights to pass laws that can end corruption in government.  19 states have recall rights to replace all the corrupt politicians that run their legislature with populous candidates who don't take corporate or special interest money as bribes. 6 states have the right to citizen grand jury, where people can summon hearings to deal with corrupt corporations, judges, politicians and others who normally receive immunity from the corruption entrenched system. Many states also have Charter Amendment rights, like the rights to initiative, but for local ordinances, these rights can be used create stronger local sovereignty and freedom by passing laws by the people that we need that the politicians are neglecting.

When our membership and the networks associated with each of our members reach the numbers required to qualify ballot proposals, we can can help get the right candidates on the ballot and promoted  them easier, using strength in our numbers, we can initiative initiatives, referenda to stop bad laws, recalls to kick out corrupt leaders and citizen grand juries to ensure justice, effortlessly. Prior to technology being available to allow for mass organizing, this effort would have been very daunting, however, with our cell phones and internet, the reality of reaching a critical mass that can empower people to be a legitimate 4th system of checks and balances is assured. The network of friends, associates, and family that reaches great numbers equivalent to a critical mass needed to qualify any ballot proposal effortlessly is a Ballot Access Network. Activism Truth seeks to make this ambition a reality. We have the tools to make the world evolve towards a new higher form of self governance harmonizing with the rule of constitutional checks and balances, ensuring the actual manifestation of freedom and liberty for all people and the planet for our own and future generations.

We do not trust the same politicians who caused our problems to be responsible enough to fix them so we are motivated public petitioners ready to take petitions to the next level, to organize teams of petitioners and distribute the official Ballot Access Network program to permanently organize citizens to work with us on making ballot access easier. By permanently organizing voters for ballot access, concerned citizens will not just stand by waiting for important petitions to sign. They can help organize and act on the opportunities presented to them. Petitioners can utilize the internet to maximize impact and the Ballot Initiative Industry can be taken back by the people it was created for.

We can act for direct changes, or be passive and hope politicians will serve your best interest. Let's take action. Now is the time for leaders to rise up among us. Let us stop being passive followers and utilize this ultimate initiative to once and for all reach a critical mass of educated voters, strong enough to tackle the most pressing problems that affect our society.

Join us, be the leader you were destined to be!

Join us and help us improve this site! Educate, Motivate, Duplicate. This site won't save the country, YOU are the answer.


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