Label and Ban GMO Foods

BioCorn100What is the GMO Problem? Genetically Modified Organisms were created to feed the world, instead they are destroying DNA and threatening all life on the planet. In EVERY independent study they show GMO's cause health problems. Genetic pollution can cause the following problems:

  • Inability to Reproduce
  • Cancers and other Disease
  • Cross Species Contamination and Risk to Entire Biosphere

noGMOThe genes mutate and multiply like a virus. GMO's can break the genetic chain of all life on the planet and it's time they are exposed by the facts!

What the Government tells us about GMO foods: The government subsidizes GMO foods and they tell us the foods are perfectly safe for consumption based on the studies done by the companies who created them. The FDA does not study their long term effects. 

What the Government does NOT tell us about GMO foods: The government does not tell us the long term health risks and they're paid off to oppose labeling so you're not even allowed to know if the food you're eating is GM or not. 

What is the problem with GMO foods? View our BLOG feature to explore mainstream fact based research proving the impeccable danger of GMO foods. 

What is the solution? Ban GMO Cultivation Label GMO Foods and Ban Neonicotiods.

Future legislation will be created to Ban Glyphosate.


Labeling GMO Food is about guaranteeing that we have the right to know if our food has been genetically engineered or not. It is a fundamental human right to know what the ingredients are, that are in our food, and no one should try to deny us that.

GMO foods have shown to cause genetic damage that can threaten all life on the planet, eliminating the ability for life to reproduce. They cause immunity, allergy, and intestinal problems. Long term ingestion in mammals leads to reproductive failure. Liver failure is found in mammals as well. Addiction and IQ reduction are both side effects of Neonicotinoids in Mammals. The worst consequence is the mass dying of bees which pollinate the majority of all produce we depend on as a civilization. The results are going to be catastrophic if we let this continue.

What can we do about it?

We can move to ban GMO crops, label them, and ban the harmful agrochemicals that destroy our health and the environment. Help us to raise consumer awareness in our states. Any efforts will make a huge impact in raising awareness about the serious health and environmental threats that come along with the expanding biotech industry. When all life on earth hangs in the balance, how hard is it to care just enough, to be open minded, to learn about it what they are and how to stop them?

Activism Truth membership ensures long term solidarity for the ballot initiative strategy we will implement.

Evidence showing pollution from agrochemical industries is far more harmful than government and corporate propaganda have let us know on their own behalf.

Independent Science is showing how urgent change is needed now.

The Monsanto company that got its status in the world as a mega corporation by first working for military applications of chemical weapons, now makes food sold in stores everywhere. They created biological weapons and have polluted the planet immensely. A handful of companies that make GMO's don't want us to know that we are eating them, and they fight with money to buy off politicians to ensure they can restrict our ability to know if our foods contain GMO products.

They claim that they make them to ensure they can feed the world yet, despite their millions of dollars of profits, they don't do much to help the mass starvation happening in 3rd world countries. Their hypocrisy is bold and in your face. GMO's and the U.S. Department of Big Agra have lied and withheld information to make a hefty profit off of us.

Today, Monsanto lobbyists work in government and control the food supply for the benefit of multinational food corporations.

"Control food and you control the people" - Henry Kissinger - Foreign Policy Adviser under Clinton, Bush and Obama. 

We can not be controlled any longer. We can not stand by as these companies poison our planet with genetic pollution that can end all life as we know it. Activism Truth will be adding more and more information to our website to serve as a resource of knowledge for you to learn and share, to empower people with wisdom so they can make choices that will improve our current predicaments. More info about GMO foods including references can be found in our blogs below.

Read Legislation we found that will Label GMO Foods and Ban GMO cultivation when YOU and people in your state use it to create your own citizen ballot initiatives. We also have the Save the Bees initiative to ban Neonicotinoids.

There are many reasons to label and even ban GMO foods. Members submit blogs on various topics below.

  • Fertility Problems
  • Genetic Damage
  • Carcinogenic Effects
  • Allergenic Effects
  • Corporate Control of Food Supply
  • Loss of Local Small Farms
  • Mass Death of Bees
  • Ownership of Genetics

Read more about this issue in our Blog area (displayed below).

  • Ban GMO Cultivation

    Author Nicolas Guillermo

    Several counties in California have passed local ballot initiatives to ban the cultivation of GMO foods. Trinity, Santa Cruz, Mendicino County and Marin County. Trinity and Santa Cruz passed ordinances because of support from activists and pressure on local representatives. Marin and Mendicio used the ballot initiative process and won the right to ban by about a 10% margin in each case.

  • Label GMO's in the Legislature

    Label GMO's in the Legislature

    Author Nicolas Guillermo

    Since the mid-1990s people have been eating genetically modified food (GMO’s) in every meal.  With little public awareness of what GMO’s were and no labels to let consumers know what foods contained them GMO’s took over the market for corn, soy, sugar beets, cotton & more.  Health issues from food allergies, autism, leaky gut and many others have increased rapidly since GMO’s were introduced.

  • Save the Bees

    Save the Bees

    Author Nicolas Guillermo

    Bees are required to pollinate our fruit and vegetables. They have a symbiotic relationship that has resulted in our ability to survive as a species on the planet earth. Our species relies on bees to ensure plants are pollinated and when the bees die, so will man. Einstein is quoted as saying “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

  • Label GMO Foods in Washington State

    Author Nicolas Guillermo

    Label GMOs. Requires that all genetically modified foods be labeled.
    Many countries around the world restrict or ban GMO foods and crops. This is the result of an open debate about the dangers of GMOs. The truth about the dangers of GMO foods and crops is not being debated in our corporate dominated press.
    Once we are able to place an initiative on the ballot that requires that GMO foods be labeled GMO foods and crops will start to disappear. The weight of the scientific evidence is overwhelming that GMOs foods and crops present a major risk to our health and the environment.

  • Secret trade deal may hurt Small Farmers and GMO free Food

    Author Nicolas Guillermo

    The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) seeks to bring together many of the worlds biggest food producers.   Countries involved equal about 1/3 of the worlds agricultural food exports.    Activist Robin Sunbeam describes the deal as "The highly secretive draft is being kept from the eyes of Congress and the public; yet hundreds of corporate advisers are privy to its text. The goal seems to be to streamline regulations to favor corporate profits at the expense of the general public."

  • GMOs Labeled as “Natural”

    Author Tracy Molina

    GMO foods are found in many products labeled Natural.

    Gmo foods made me sick when I ate them. My personal account of the poisoning side effects for GMO sugar beet sugar in a juice I drank labeled as "Natural Sugar," inspired me to write this blog and let the public know how we really need to do our homework on the issue, how it affects our world, and know what products to boycott.

  • The Right to Gardening

    Author Nicolas Guillermo

    The USDA and Local Governments are attacking peoples right to grow vegetables. Government is blatantly attacking the food freedom to grow vegetables, to sell vegetables, and to be self sufficient. They want you to be dependent on their system. Tyranny is upon us as they flush the economy with federal reserve notes to finance mega farms to plant GMO foods, and they attack peoples rights to grow their own food on their own.


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